NLB 2022 - Quiz Form

How much do you know about the topic of Sustainability? If you have visited the Nodes at Parks: The Sustainability Showcase, put your knowledge to the test. Take this quiz and find out! Get at least 6 out of 8 questions correct to receive eCoupons from our participating partners. Terms and Conditions apply. Find out more about Nodes at Parks here.

1. Big Question: Are single-use plastics just misunderstood?

Which of these statements on single use plastics is true?

2. Big Question: Should our disposable chopsticks be given the “chop”?

Which of the following is not a reason for Japan’s decreased consumption of disposable chopsticks in 2021?

3. Big Question: Is upcycling really helping the planet’s waste problem?

Upcycling can contribute to solving the planet’s waste problem. Which of the following statements is false?

4. Big Question: Critters in composting: A buzzing potential?

Insects like black soldier flies can tackle food wastage by eating it and creating valuable biomaterials in the process. True or false?

5. Big Question: Can you reduce the food waste on your plate?

Which of the following is not among the top three reasons that Singaporeans threw out food?

6. Big Question: Circular economy: Does it really take less, make more?

The circular economy model can address security and scarcity resource issues, provide cost savings in the long run and help the environment. True or false?

7. Big Question: Can we eat our way to a better planet?

Cultivated meat could potentially address the demands of a growing population in a more sustainable fashion. True or false?

8. Big Question: Is it (im)possible for food production to be environmentally sustainable?

Which of the following are reasons to buy local produce?


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